The Distance Between Your Dog And Your Food

I’m sure, most of you know that human food (things like burgers, tacos, cake, etc.) are all bad for our four legged friends. And it isn’t best if our dogs eat them. But when it comes to food and the distance between our food and our dogs, what’s the right answer? What’s the right amount of space between me with a popcicle and my lip licking beagle? Can my chihuahua even look at my burrito? What about the kitchen, is it off limits completely?
Here, let me share my opinion.
I, personally, do not care too much about distance. I don’t care wether my dog is lying on top of my feet or sitting on my leg while I eat. It just doesn’t bother me.
I also do not care if my dog is in the kitchen. If I accidentally drop a bit of broth from my chicken noodle soup I have no worries if my dog wants to pretend and be a mop for a few minutes. I’m okay with that. (Although, most times my dog has no idea anything was dropped and I am forced to clean up after myself).
BUT! There is a line that cannot be crossed and I don’t mean a physical one.
My dog, although taking advantage of sitting on my lap while I use chopsticks to eat my rice, gives me enough respect to have this luxury.
My dog is not staring me down, drooling obsessively, trying to take a bite out of my meal, growling, howeling, whining, or anything of that sorts.
My dog is calm, respectful, and frankly just uses meal time as an excuse to fall asleep on me.
I do admit though, my dog is quite curious as my pre-made dinner from a box comes out of the microwave (I don’t like cooking, so my talents only exceed to the store bought goods). She can often be found standing in the doorway to the kitchen, her noise in the air, her ears perked in intrest.
Yet still, I do not see anything wrong with this. She is not barking, not jumping on me as I pull out my food, not even a single drop of drool falls from her face (if you have a more flat faced breed, drooling might not be the best thing to base your observations out of).

Though, even if this is true with my dog, it might not be the same for yours. All dogs are different. Some find food more motivateing, while others could care less some child dumped a whole plate of spaghetti on its head.
Some trainers, books, TV shows, WHEREVER you get your information can give you a direct answer like: “Your dog must never set foot in this kitchen! This way there will be no problems.” Or “Your dog should be on its bed the entire time you are eating, giving it no chance to even beg!” You get what I’m saying.
But what I am saying is: “Do what works for you.”
If your dog is crazy obsessive of eating your child’s scraps off the floor, and you don’t like this and your dog is getting fat, kennel the dog. Or have him/her on a leash a distance from the children while mealtime is going on.
Or maybe you have a dog that stares at you the entire duration of your meal. Give him/her a doggie bone to go chew or just flat out ignore him/her.
There are so many ways and no ONE WAY is correct. It’s about finding what works for you and figuring out the distance between your food and your dog to help avoid or cure any begging or obsessive behavior.

I hope this helped!!!
Thanks for reading,
Jordyn & Emma

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