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Definintion: Muzzle

Muzzle   Dictionary meaning- The projecting part of the face, including the nose and mouth, of an animal such as a dog or horse. Synonyms: snout · nose · mouth · maw Some dogs have short muzzles, some have longer ones, but every dog has one.  

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LAST Rally Video

“WHATTT?????” I know. I know. If you haven’t read my Blog Entry #3 then you might be completely shocked. Rally has ended. It was in no way supposed to end this soon but the organization ended up closing!   So…. here is the Last Rally Class video:


“Oh Poop!”

Poop. If your a dog owner you know the many “poopy” complications that come with having a dog. And If your anything like me who’s cared for multiple four-legged creatures, you’ll have delt with things like the cliff-hanger, the soft-serve, and most of all OTHER PEOPLES DOG DOO. Its everywhere. By the slide at the public… Read More “Oh Poop!”

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2016 Book Reviews

Figuring since 2016 is soon to be over, I’d share with you my favorite dog training books that I’ve really enjoyed this year.   The first one would have to be Cesar Millan’s Short Guide To A Happy Dog. I’m on my second round reading this one. Its VERY informational, hitting on topic’s like the anatomy… Read More 2016 Book Reviews