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Switching Collars?

So, a bit ago I uploaded a post about dog collars.

On that blog post I stated how the Martingale collar was my favorite and that was the one I used on Emma.

Though, as of today, it has changed.

I am now a proud user of a Choke Chain collar.

I finally bought a medium and now I can use it!

For those who don’t know, I have already used a Choke collar before. So I know how to properly use it. I had a small chain and then a large and even an XL, but just this morning I purchased a medium (the size Emma needs) from PetSmart and am loving it!

I took my girl for a walk and it made it so much easier.

Usually on a Martingale I can give a slight tug and it’ll stop her from sniffing something, but with the Choke Chain I can get her FULL attention. And the funny thing is, is now with the Choke collar I am using LESS force than I did with the Martingale!

Our walk today was more productive and fun. We BOTH enjoy this new collar. It was certainly worth the whole twelve dollars!! Hahahah.

And since this blog is somewhat new, I will warn you all that I will continue to change my favorite collar.

Right now its the Choke Chain. Just so you all know.

And I will also tell you that changing your collars out is not always a bad thing. If you know how to use them, then why not? I have used pretty much every collar out there (except maybe a Prong) and each one was beneficial for a different reason depending which dog I was training with at that moment. So, don’t judge until you try.


And if you’re interested in learning more about different types of collars, click here. Or if you want to share what kind of collars are your favorite (right at this moment) leave a comment down below!


Thanks for reading,

Jordyn & Emma


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