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Rally Class #3

Third Rally Class complete!!!

I didn’t get many pictures or videos, mostly in part because this class was really hard. We were doing last years Championship course and it was certainly more difficult then the previous courses. We did that course the entire time because a lot of us were having issues completing the course. And it wasn’t even the dogs fault. It was us owners.

Though, there is one thing Emma and I need to work on (I mean, there is an entire two page list in my notebook that names the stuff we need to work on, but I was just talking about rally).

We need to work on “Pivot.” Its where your dog is sitting in its heel position and then you take a step towards the dog, almost in a ninety degree angle, and your dog pivots and sits like you had never moved. We had it the second class, Emma was doing really good with that command. But then in this class it was like she had never done it before. Granted, I didn’t practice that command with her during the week between classes. So, that’s on me.

Another move that was used on the course was this cool one where you and your dog turn into each other as your walking and do like this 360 turn, its complicated to explain but super easy and complex looking. Everyone else in the class is using a command like “pass” or “around” but I just swoosh my hand the direction I want Emma to turn and she does it. So, I probably won’t be adding a command since it isn’t needed.


But I think that’s all I got for the third Rally Class.

Next week I will have a video of her updated run of the course, so stay tuned!!!!

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