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Rally Class #2

I had my second Rally class.

And I don’t normally brag about my dog………… okay. I do. A lot. But, this time she really does deserve it. Emma was AMAZING on the complicated courses last Monday! I, as the dog trainer, had more issues than she did.

img_2007If you didn’t know, I’m dyslexic. Figuring out which way is right and which Is left is hard enough, add 360 turns and a dog and I’m as confused as it gets. Though it is hard at first, If I take my time I can usually get it down after the third or fourth run.

I didn’t go into much detail last class about how Emma did, beside posting that video, but her first class was a mess. An overall just horrible training session. I had fun, learning and watching the other dogs try the courses. But Emma was just not focusing. It was hard for me in some ways as well because I knew she could do what I asked of her, she was just so “not there” that it was a little frustrating for both of us.

And it didn’t help with my dyslexia that I had to pause multiple times during a run to figure out what I was doing or which way I should go.

I do know (having observed/completed this second class) Emma does get inpatient with me when I have to stop and take a moment. I can have her complete focus until I hesitate, then I loose her for a second before I can get her interest again. It’s a very complicated and difficult process but I think with time we’ll come around.

I’d be bored at of my mind of my instructor just suddenly stops mid sentence in a long lecture for an interesting class. I can just imagine me jumping from my seat, yelling: “HURRY UP WOULD YA! I want to know what happens next!” I’m sure I’d never do that in real life but I can at least pretend.img_2003

Unlike the first class, which had about six other dogs, this class had only one other dog and its owner (not including the head trainer and her poodle). So we had a lot more runs and more of a one-on-one with the head trainer and I got to ask lots of questions. Emma also enjoyed more time on the courses.

In a typical class we only get about two to three runs through two courses, this second class we had a chance to do double time on three different courses! The other dog we were with (an older working breed dog) was done after the third run where Emma could have kept going after our fifth.

It was for sure one of our best classes yet.

Though, other than human error, the class last Monday was success!

And this Monday I expect no different!!!

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