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Rally Class #3

Third Rally Class complete!!! I didn’t get many pictures or videos, mostly in part because this class was really hard. We were doing last years Championship course and it was certainly more difficult then the previous courses. We did that course the entire time because a lot of us were having issues completing the course.… Read More Rally Class #3

Blog Entries, Dog Training

Rally Class #2

I had my second Rally class. And I don’t normally brag about my dog………… okay. I do. A lot. But, this time she really does deserve it. Emma was AMAZING on the complicated courses last Monday! I, as the dog trainer, had more issues than she did. If you didn’t know, I’m dyslexic. Figuring out which way is… Read More Rally Class #2


“Oh Poop!”

Poop. If your a dog owner you know the many “poopy” complications that come with having a dog. And If your anything like me who’s cared for multiple four-legged creatures, you’ll have delt with things like the cliff-hanger, the soft-serve, and most of all OTHER PEOPLES DOG DOO. Its everywhere. By the slide at the public… Read More “Oh Poop!”