“Oh Poop!”

If your a dog owner you know the many “poopy” complications that come with having a dog. And If your anything like me who’s cared for multiple four-legged creatures, you’ll have delt with things like the cliff-hanger, the soft-serve, and most of all OTHER PEOPLES DOG DOO.
Its everywhere. By the slide at the public park, on your driveway, somewhere along your walking route… and the worst part is its not even your dogs dung, its someone else’s.
Its frustrating and over-all just plain gross. Especially when its stuck to the bottom of your shoes.
But now, you might be wondering: “What is causing Jordyn to rant about dog poop?”
Well, it really started when as I was in mid-attempt of picking up my own dogs poop that I had a sudden realization.
So everyone knows, I live most days in an apartment and near the apartment they have a nice doggie area where they can run and do their “business” and in this area they have a trash bin with a lid and free pick up baggies for the residents disposal. But, I swear, NO ONE knows how to pick up their dogs poop. The area near my building is literally FULL of dog doo. I won’t let my dog run and play in that area anymore because she’d just be running on top of the smelly brown stuff and the clean up afterwards is in no way enjoyable or easy.
And the lack of poop scooping is not only designated to that one area, someone in the neighborhood has decided to let their dog do their “business” right outside our back door (we have the ground floor) and seems not to have the decency to pick it up.
Though I usually keep a level head about things like that, constantly trying to remind myself that I don’t know the dog owners story (they could have a bad back and not be able to bend over, or they are blind and literally can not see it, etc.) today I found myself feeling a bit rebellious.
I had asked myself, “Why should I pick up my dogs poop if no one else does?”
Its a logical question. I spend a lot of time cleaning up after my dog and everyone who “forgets” to clean up after their own dog seems to be completely undermining my hard work. Its like when I pick up one of Emma’s poops there are three more new ones from some other dog that just pop up and emit a gut-wrenching smell that makes me contemplate what I’m really doing.
Should I really waste my time with picking up my dogs poop when no one else does? If everyone else does it, why can’t I? I mean, if so many dog owners are letting their dogs doo sit outside to slowly melt away, there must be some appeal to it, right? It would be no doubt easier to pretend I had short-term amnesia and forget my dog had just gone to the bathroom then get a bag and pick it up.
As I ran through all the reasons I should just leave Emma’s poop with the others I immediately recoiled from the idea. If I just left it alone on the ground, I was the person that I had secretly despised at the apartment complex. I was that dog owner that I privately cringed at when I saw them walk away from their dogs poop lying on the curb. And no matter how mad or frustrated I was I couldn’t drop that low. I couldn’t contribute to the ever growing pile of dog dung that grows in that area near my apartment building.
I just couldn’t do it.
So, being that good dog owner I always try to be, I picked up my dogs poop with the bag I brought and threw it out.

Looking back, I was seconds away from just walking away, and now I’m so glad I didn’t. Its us humans who must be responsible for our dogs actions or in this case; their daily “business.” And I really hope you agree with me. If you do (or don’t) please leave your reasons in the comments below. I’d love to hear what you guys think on this topic! I know I certainly had a blast sharing my opinion.

But now I’m drained* and I should really go**



*Get it? DRAINED… like a toilet drain…
** AHAHHAHA. Go. Like you gotta… go… Come on, you should have gotten that one.
Okay, I’m done now.
Thanks for enduring my lame attempt at making puns,

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