German Short Haired Pointer Vs. Pointer

Just a few days ago I was reading the AKC Official Dog Breed book (again) when I came across two dog breeds, the German Shorthaired Pointer and the Pointer. I took a good five minutes just staring at the two pictures of the two separate breeds, wondering to myself, what’s the difference between them? They both have short hair. They both are similar in size and coloring… what sets them apart? What makes them two different breeds?

Because of my curiosity, I dug into the research head first and found some interesting information that I’d really like to share.


First off, let’s go over their history. The Pointer (the dog in the picture on the left) was approved by the AKC November 11th 1975, while the German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) was approved in August 11th 1992. The Pointer was said to be the first dog to stand game (stand/tense when alerting to game fowl) and was supposedly imported from Spain/Portugal to England. The GSP was figured to descend from the German Bird Dog, originally from Germany, but the exact location and time of actual breeding is unknown.

So far, that is the only BIG difference I see between the two breeds. Otherwise, they’re used for the same things, they have similar coloring… even their size is almost exact.




Male Pointers stand at about 25-28(in.) in the withers and weigh between 45-75 pounds while the male GSP (the dog in the picture on the right) has a height of 23-25 inches (by the withers) and weighs 55-70 pounds. Though, with the GSP, after careful observation, I noticed that the breed has a larger chest and a wider snout than the regular Pointer. The GSP’s coat usually has more “patches” of color and is often darker in shade. The Pointer is known for looking more like a Dalmatian, with more spots and a white base color, and its head normally just one solid color.



In all of the reading material I found on the two breeds, temperament was another thing between them that stood out. Some online sources said the Pointer had more energy, some said the German Shorthaired Pointer did. Some books said the German Shorthaired Pointer slept more, some said the Pointer slept more… I think you get my point. So, I won’t go into a energy levels and the like, mostly because I’ve never owned either breed and each dog varies depending on its parentage and genetic makeup… but that’s a whole other blog post.


Anyways, I hope you guys liked this little “info” bit about the Pointer and German Shorthaired Pointer. If any of you have either breed or have any information or opinions about the breeds, please leave it down in the comments below!





Photo credit: Pinterest

Books used: “The Complete Dog Book 20th EDITION” by the Official Publication of the American Kennel Club, published in the United States by Ballantine Books. (Pages 20-28)

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