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Blog Entry 3: Rally Update & Some Other Stuff

For those you haven’t seen the FINAL RALLY VIDEO, the rally classes have come to an end. The training facility that I was doing the classes at has closed due to lack of funds. Though, I do intend to continue on my training with Emma.
Speaking of training, I taught Emma how to “Pull” on command today in about two minutes. I want to lead that into opening cabinets and doors (possibly even the fridge), along with other things.
Then, just a few days ago I got to help train a friends Border Collie, teaching it “Down” and “Spin” and giving some input on behavioral issues. 

It was definitely a fun training session, being that it is a pudgy, awkward puppy and all. 
I also do apologize for my absence since I have been dealing with school and a new job. Between all that, dog training, and Karate classes, it’s insane!

Hopefully with the new year I will be back and posting.

There are certainly new opportunities coming for me (dog wise) in 2017 which I will be sharing with the rest of you soon! And I am certainly looking forward to them.
Thanks for reading,


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