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Blog Entry 1: A Walk To Remember



Just so you know, this is my first ever blog entry, just in case you didn’t see the number one in the title.


These are for me, really, just to share my thoughts about dog training or updates about Emma in her training process.


So, for todays blog entry I wanted to share Emma’s walking status.

Now, I will admit, I don’t walk Emma as much as I should.

We used to go out almost everyday, but that just got too hard. So now we’re working our way up, slowly this time.

Just last week we had the best walk I think I’ve ever had with Emma. I was her main focus. She was calm. Never pulled. It was a walk to remember. I was SOO proud!

Emma’s never been much a walker, she prefers running (A.K.A. sprinting). I used to use a head halter on her, but that only hid the walking issue, It didn’t solve it. So, about three months ago I stopped with the head halter and went down to a martingale.

Her walking still needs improvement. (Her love for a running after squirrels is still too tempting). But, I for sure see improvement and that just makes my day!

Walking is a hard thing for us, but we keep going. All we can do is move forward… isn’t that a saying? I’m pretty sure that’s a saying.


I think a BIG contribution to our success in walks is the “no hands” leash I started using last week. Its a leather one my parents bought me in 2014. I was supposed to use the leash with my “soon to be” foster dog with Southeastern Guide Dogs, but after that fell through I put the leash away and forgot about it… until now.

Now, a “no hands” leash is not for everyone. Some people find it complicated, though, for me, its great! See, I dislike having to hold a regular leash in one hand… it makes it harder when I want to get a treat from my treat pouch. I know this isn’t a MAJOR issue, I could just use a normal leash, but I just find the “no hands” leash more useful and less stressful for me.


I think that’s all I had on my mind (training wise) for today.

Thanks for taking the time to read this!


Jordyn (Emma says “Thanks” too)



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