About ME

img_1310Hey! My name’s Jordyn and I’m currently seventeen years old. If you’ve been reading my posts and haven’t put it together yet, I LOVE dogs. Furry, four-legged creatures are my life. And it occurred to me one day that I had so much information about dog training and overall dog behavior that I just had to share it somewhere. That’s why I started this blog.
Another reason for this blog is my dog. I have a three year old, tri-colored Border Collie named Emma and, right at this moment, she knows over fifty commands. That number is growing every week and I plan on continuing to teach her more until our last days together on this earth.
My friends and family are tired of seeing dog pictures on my social media pages too, so I figured why not share my beautiful angel’s pictures and videos with you instead?! And I have such a great fulfillment in teaching others about the things I’m passionate about (A.K.A dogs). There are so many instances where dogs are given away to shelters because the owner doesn’t know how to handle it or where the owner didn’t know anything about breeds so, wanting a quiet calm dog, they chose a hyperactive Siberian Husky. Both of those examples could be solved with just a little education, a bit of research and time. Too many canines are “put down” in shelters because they are simply misunderstood and its not right.
Even though I have such a strong passion for these amazing animals, I am in no way a professional…yet. I mean, I’m seventeen. I can’t exactly say I have that much experience, but I learn every day and dog training is something I enjoy. I’ve been learning about dogs since I could read. I actually had to resort to online research when I ran out of books at the public library near my house because I had read them all. Luckily, we moved to another house shortly after that and I got an entirely new collection at a different library (I read all of those too, but that’s besides the point).
I also have some knowledge in service dog work, having raised a dog for Southeastern Guide Dogs for the blind. I learned a lot under SEGD (Southeastern Guide Dogs) and not only about canines but also about disabilities. Hearing stories from the sight impaired guide dog owners can give you another perspective on life. Even getting to spend some time with veterans through a side program with SEGD and learning about the things a returning solider deals with, like PTSD (Post Tramatic Stress Disorder) or just simply dealing with life after war, can be inspiring. It did after all spark my interest in mental illnesses and the overall work of service and therapy dogs and how those types of dogs are trained. And it just so happened to kick-start my decision to become a Service Dog Trainer!
Though, as of right now, I’m taking online dog classes and continuing Emma’s skills in Food Allergy Scent Detection, agility, and our regular fun tricks. So, on top of school, work, sports, social activities, and all I explained before this, I also decided on this blog.
Wish me luck,

P.S. If you want to know more about my dog, Emma, click HERE.