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2016 Book Reviews

Figuring since 2016 is soon to be over, I’d share with you my favorite dog training books that I’ve really enjoyed this year.


The first one would have to be Cesar Millan’s Short Guide To A Happy Dog.


I’m on my second round reading this one. Its VERY informational, hitting on topic’s like the anatomy of a dogs brain and natural pack positions. Though it says its a “short” guide to a happy dog, the two hundred and eight pages of pure knowledge can be daunting for some. Its certainly not a light read, but it was totally worth the thirteen dollars and ninety-five cents.

And the Holy Bible of all dog trick books is 101 Dog Tricks by Kyra Sundance and Chalcy (Kyra’s dog).

img_1807I swear on my life that this is the best dog trick book I have ever laid eyes upon. It is easy to understand and straight to the point. There are lots of pictures, making it that much more fun to see the trainer, Kyra, with Chalcy doing things you only thought possible in your dreams.

I also own the puppy version of this book (51 Puppy Tricks) which I had gotten first, but I advise you just go ahead and buy the 101 Dog Tricks book, it has almost all the same tricks the puppy version has.

Next is Dog Training & Tricks by Tammie Rogers.

img_1801This book is a good read, definitely more wordy than 101 Dog Tricks. Dog Training & Tricks goes into more of the showmanship side of things (i.e. entering in competitions). It goes over types of collars and mannerisms and things like that as well, but doesn’t go into much detail. Very interesting book and would advise someone who has already had experience with the basic’s to buy this.

Now, for my beginner, soon to be adopting, people: Raise & Train Your Puppy Like The Experts.

img_1806This book is basically a shorter, more interesting version of the 300+ paged manual Southeastern Guide Dogs give you right before you get one of there foster puppies.

I was given the DVD edition, which is WAY more fun, but either with or without the DVD is fine. Its still very informational, and frankly, I haven’t seen another book out there much like this one. Its for sure one of my favorites!

I’m just going to warn you now. The Complete Dog Book is not for everyone.

img_1798There are 858 pages in this book. There are absolutely no tricks or training techniques to learn here… just about every dog breed in the American Kennel Club. I’ve read this book two times already. A great read if your a serious… and I mean serious, dog lover.

Now, I wouldn’t be true to myself if I didn’t include these last two: High-Energy Dogs by Tracy Libby and Border Collie by Wendy Bedwell-Wilson.

img_1805If you have a high energy dog, these are the books for you. Though, the book Border Collie is specifically for Border Collies, it does have some informational behavioral insights that include most high energy dogs. Plus, the book is endorsed and supported by Dog Fancy (there magazines are the best!).

The High Energy Dogs book is an essential for all high-drive dog breeds. Knowing from experience, more often than not, you can’t train a high-energy dog like a calm submissive dog. It just doesn’t happen. And for the new (high-energy) dog owner, this book can be a life saver.

Now tell me in the comments below, have you read any of these? Have a book you read this year that’s your favorite? Tell me! I’d love to hear it.

Thanks for reading my fellow dog lovers,


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